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TRANSFORM = Meet Jesus

Pray right now and accept God's gift. It needs to be from YOUR heart and in YOUR words. Simply confess to Him that You know You are not perfect. Confess to Him that you know that you have committed countless acts of selfishness throughout your life. Confess that you believe Jesus died in your place and came back to life. Thank Him for His forgiveness. Confess that from THIS moment on, your life belongs to Him.


TRANSFORM = Get Baptized

If you prayed that prayer above, the next step is for you to be baptized. There's no complicated, religious process for this, you simply need to connect with one of our leaders and let them know you have chosen Freedom and surrendered your life to Jesus. They will let you know when the next baptism service is.

TRANSFORM = Get Connected

It's time to learn more about this "Jesus". Plan to attend the next Sunday Gathering.

Additionally, you will want to get plugged into some of the many groups we have running throughout the week:


Off The Deep-End
An ongoing study hosted by Loren & Nichole Stephey. They cover classes and books dealing with more complex and mature topics to move you into greater levels of maturity and power as a believer


A Bible Study for every believer, all any stage of their relationship with God. We're walk through the letters to the churches by Paul, James & Peter.


THE WATCHMEN [men's group]

BEAUTIFY [women's group]

TRANSFORM = Get Healing

Schedule Your Sozo Appoitment

The word used in the Bible for "Saved" is the Greek word "σώζω" [sode'-zo]. It means: "Saved, Healed, Delivered".We offer special inner-healing sessions (no charge) to help you get totally free from whatever things in your past may be attempting to keep you in bondage.

Thanks so much! We'll be in touch to confirm your appointment soon!

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